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Publicerad: 14/11-23

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Perhaps you’re not aware, but… you use geodata every day

Every time you go somewhere but aren’t entirely sure where, when you check where your friends are using a map on your mobile, or when you get a package delivered to your home. Today, geodata is a significant part of our daily lives and plays an increasingly important role in the functioning of our modern society.

But geodata can tell us so much more than just the way from point A to point B. For example, geodata is used when the emergency services need to find their way to a forest fire, to monitor the boundary between your property and your neighbor’s, or when we want to see how a rising water level affects a new urban area we plan to build. Geodata is essential when we aim to develop our cities, communities, and countryside in a sustainable manner. It’s a key to meeting climate challenges, creating safe and equal societies, and developing innovative new services. We dare to say that the answers to many of our significant societal challenges can be found in geodata.

Data about reality

So, what is geodata? Geodata is short for geographical data, that is, data that has a position, data that is linked to a place. Simply put, it’s information about where something, or someone, is located. With geodata and geographic information systems (GIS), we can analyze and interpret large datasets and visualize complex information in an easily understandable way. It enables us to see patterns and trends. Most importantly, it helps us make better decisions.

We need more experts in geodata

There is already a significant need for people knowledgeable in geodata, and this demand is expected to grow. With education in geodata and GIS, you can work at government agencies, municipalities, or private companies. There are also good opportunities to work abroad, for example, in international collaborations or as a consultant.

About this website

On this website, we want to inspire the choice of education and jobs in the geodata field. For now, the information on this website is only available in Swedish.

Behind the campaign and website are Geoforum Sweden and the Swedish National Land Survey, together with many actors in the geodata industry. The project is funded by the state innovation program Smart Built Environment.

The website is operated by Geoforum Sweden. Read more about us here.

This text has been translated from swedish to english with ChatGPT/Open AI. 

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